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Cubist Coffee 1 Month Recurring

1 month subscription for only £15.95


4 x 60g of speciality roasted coffee uniquely labelled by a lot number.

This lot number represents a specialty roasted coffee from a UK & Ireland roaster.

You will receive a tastings notes guide which reveals some details about each coffee.

A flavouring scoring card is included in every box to help you train your palate to identify the different coffee profiles in each cup.

You will never receive the same coffee twice. And remember, as this is specialty coffee, some roasters may have limited stock. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

There is no contract period you can end, hold or edit the subscription at any time.

We have created a letterbox friendly box to ensure you receive your coffee in the quickest way possible from the roast date, directly to your door.

Use the unique lot number attached to each coffee to reveal who the roaster is via the collection page. From here you can visit the roasters websites, view the wider range of coffee they provide and purchase larger quantities directly from them.

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