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What is Cubist Coffee?

Cubist Coffee launched mid 2017 with a large growing interest from coffee roasters throughout the UK and Ireland. These roasters share Cubist Coffee’s passion of providing a quality speciality coffee product. Customers who subscribe receive a monthly box including 4 x 60g packets of different speciality coffee and their individual tasting notes. Each coffee is stripped of its branding and boxed in minimalist packaging to ensure customers are not influenced by overpowering and heavily marketed packaging. Cubist Coffee calls this a blind tasting. It is this blind tasting that makes the product unique.

Every coffee that is used in a subscription box is individually coded with a lot number. This allows the customer to taste the coffee and use the tasting notes before the roaster is revealed. The idea behind this is that the customer becomes engaged with the product and develops their palate. Following this they can access the Cubist Coffee website to find out who the roaster is.

Where did the name Cubist Coffee come from?

The name Cubist Coffee stems from the Cubist art movement of the early 20th century.
Cubism abandoned perspective as a single viewpoint and instead emphasised simple geometric patterns and shapes, often adopting multiple or contrasting vantage points.

With this inspiration in mind, Cubist Coffee aims to source unique coffee roasters combining flavour, passion and experimentation.

Cubist Coffee wants to expand the idea of coffee as an art form and introduce coffee lovers to how great coffee is made through understanding the craftsmanship and ritual that goes into each cup.

Cubist Coffee aspires to broaden the mind set of coffee lovers and offer them a variety of coffee flavours without committing to a large supply of coffee.

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